Ytooh's first and last appearance

Ytooh Edit

Ytooh is a shadow-type monster shaped like a floating blob with tentacle like appendages encountered by Emily and Lucas while they were escorting Audrey to Alice's house in LOCAD


Ytooh roams LOCAD seeking only to cause terror and suffering, Lucas and Emily encounter it when escorting Audrey to alice's home and do battle with it after a failed attempt at diplomacy, Ytooh bewitches Lucas, putting him under its control and having him attack Emily, piper hits Lucas and makes him snap out of it, the battle continues, lucas tricks Ytooh into turning around and receiving a fierce backstab which ends its life, but not before calling Lucas a cancerous sore

Personalitty and TraitsEdit

Ytooh's only purpose in the dream world is to cause as much terror and suffering as he can by bewitching others and turning them on their friends, so that nothing good remains.

It recognizes it is a coward, and that only by underhanded tactics will it be able to survive


  • Ytooh was named by MartialAcademic in one of Intrepidpioneer's streams, it's name is just the word hooty backwards