Yalo the Face Stealer is a monster encountered by Lexii when she fell asleep after visiting Emily at the hospital. It is a tall monster that wears a cloak made out of face skins stitched together, wearing a black bloodied mask and wielding a large axe-like weapon with a skull spiked on it.          


After Lexii falls asleep Yalo attempts to lure her out by mimicking the voices of her parents. Lexii grows suspicious due to her 'mom' calling her for dinner after saying it would be in half an hour, even though the time elapsed since the first call felt shorter. Lexii decides to pass on dinner and goes back to her room. Yalo then barges into Lexii's room, but Lexii narrowly avoids it by entering her fort.

Later on, Lexii ventures into her living room with Hermes, where Yalo shows itself and is about to attack, but Hermes asks Lexii if she believes in him, Lexii replies yes, causing Hermes to emit a blinding light, causing Yalo to escape from the fight.

Yalo is currently still alive and roaming LoHaM.

Personality and Traits.Edit

Yalo can mimic other people's voices to trick dreamers, it enjoys collecting the faces from its victims and stitching them into its robes.