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Timothy is a monster first encountered in LoMaM's Death Valley by Emily. He has the appearance of a sort of scarecrow, stitched together out of cloth and stuffed with hay, he has a single eye and carries a blood stained axe.


Emily encounters Timothy when she is dropped on LoMaM via the thought ocean. Timothy appears to wave at Emily and she waves back, then swings at her but she avoids the attack. Timothy attempts another attack but its blocked by Ghen's scythe, Ghen himself plummets from the sky and stomps on Timothy's head. Emily pockets Timothy's axe, disarming him, and the two leave him to his luck.

Timothy appears later on, while Emily traverses Death Valley again with the reapers. Ahn appears to have taken a liking to Timothy, staying by his side. Timothy asks for his axe back, but is refused for safety reasons. Emily attempts to offer Timothy exorcism, but he cuts her off and tells her to worry about herself, not others. Shortly after, Derrick, Lucia and the reapers arrive and they venture with Emily inside Daesdyne's cave, Timothy prefers not to enter and Ahn stays with him.

Later on the group exits the cave and creates a skip door, whichTimothy and Ahn come through to meet up with the group. Timothy expresses desire to go to a nicer landscape, and stays with the group for the entirety of the Graveyard Grasslands excursion.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Timothy is quiet, and yet agressive, perhaps also possesive, as he's asked Emily for his axe back several times, according to the Death Valley outpost guard, Timothy was a mute while he was alive.

Timothy currently has 0% loyalty.

Timothy has a weakness to being hit with sharp objects on his scars.


Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
21 75 50 30 500


  • On this page, Ahn is holding Timothy's hand, this was suggested by Terra in one of IntrepidPioneer's streams.