"But you see your zombie target now and his stinky rotting arm!"

- Lucia sees the Sufferer.


The Sufferer

This monster looks like a slouching humanoid zombie clad in either shorts or underwear, with rotten bandages covering its various bleeding wounds and large protruding teeth on its upper jaw and missing its inferior jaw entirely. There are large nails piercing its knees, elbows and the exposed top of its skull, which would make any movement extremely painful and likely explain its title of ‘The Sufferer ’.

One of its arms is nearly twice the size of the other, possibly because its advanced state of decomposition. It drags around what seems to be an extremely large, crude cricket bat-shaped weapon covered in twisted, bloodied nails.


This monster is first seen by the observers while it ambles around Derrick ’s living room, though not by Lucia, who only is able to smell him due to how dark it is. 

It’s seen again in the kitchen by Derrick and Bambino when they leave the pantry, but retreats after Derrick shoots at him and instead goes up the stairs. Bambino prevents Derrick from seeing the creature and it ends up ambling past them, apparently without having noticed them.

Later Lucia finds it again in the living room and after she shoots at it, it goes upstairs, where the group had previously agreed would be the best place to try to ambush monsters.

It’s defeated by Lucia with a fantastic bullet and its soul is taken by Ira

Personality and TraitsEdit

This monster is very slow in both moving and attacking. It seems to make little to no noise, but the stench of its rotting arm can be perceived several feet away.

It seems to be at least partially blind, since its eyes are bloodied, covered in bandages and it never attacks anything unless attacked first, caught making noise or are in a well illuminated area. It seems to be intelligent enough to have retreated from the kitchen when Derrick attacked him, choosing instead to go up to block the entrance to Derrick’s room.


Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
The Sufferer Unknown ≥ 37 Unknown Unknown 300