Team attacks are techniques two characters can do together to deal a lot of damage to a monster. The members of Nightmare's Order have a few team attacks they've created amongst themselves. Team attacks can be between reaper and reaper or dreamer and dreamer. Team attacks can be created at any time between two dreamers, or two reapers usually involving mixing together their skills to create one new technique between the two of them. Once a dreamer or reaper has a team attack with a partner, they can only have one between the two of them.

Team attack list Edit

This list will include all the team attacks known in Lucidstuck as well as their users and a brief description.

Black Harvest: Itamie and Medo Edit

- Itamie and Medo join hands and spin together in quick succession to strike their enemies like a spinning top! Can strike successfully up to 10 times of their base damage.