Nevil Edit


Nevil is a shadow-type monster encountered by Lexii in lomam's Forgotten forest, it's appearance is that of a shadow blob holding a stone slab covering  it's eyes.


Nevil is encountered by Lexii while scouting the lost woods in search for monsters to fight and become stronger, Lexii is eager to fight, but nevil claims to have no ill intents, Lexii decides to not actually attack Nevil, Nevil asks Lexii to escort it outside the woods but Lexii refuses out of fear of Nevil betraying her in the future, Nevil then uses a strange skill where it dissapears and follows a person while dealing damage over time, Lexii attempts to hurt nevil by using Hermes' sound blast he obtained from crimson whyss, this accomplishes nothing but harming Lexii, Lexii then returns to the Forgotten forest outpost, while at the entrance she gets a headache and receives damage, Nevil appears and Explains it is Lexii's guilt the one damaging her. Lexii then meets up with Lucia and asks her to accompany her to take Nevil to Loham, once there Lexii decides to kill nevil to prevent any more trickery in the future, she gets a no mercy boost on her attacks, quickly disposing of Nevil, Nevil drops Nevil's facade upon death.

Personality and traitsEdit

Nevil preffers to avoid conflict and manipulate its enemies, it has a skill that allows it to stalk enemies as they receive damage caused by their regrets.


Unfortunately, Nevil's stats were never checked before it's demise, so they remain unknown.