"BUGGER?! You pretentious witch, why I oughta...."

- Little Bugger

Little bugger

The Little Bugger

This monster was waiting on Derrick ’s badly illuminated hallway the first time the Observers took control of Lucia .

It looks like skeletal creature roughly half Lucia’s size, with a lightly cracked skull, glowing white pupils, malformed torso and short, thin limbs. The skull looks humanoid but has sharp, blood covered incisors and no lower jaw. It carries a crude-looking serrated lance.

The crack on its skull is its weak spot.


Upon appearance it states to have been waiting for Lucia for a long time and demands Ira to hand her over, becoming immediately hostile when Lucia answers rudely.

During the battle it attacks Lucia directly rather than engage her conjuration, but is defeated when Lucia grabs hold of its spear and immobilizes it while Ira finishes it off . It’s soul is taken by Ira .

Personality and Traits Edit

This creature seems to lack patience, be fairly easy to anger and curses fluently. It also seems to be rather childish and/or hypocritical since it has no qualms on attacking Lucia, who is unarmed, but calls her and Ira cheap for immobilizing him and using a back attack.

Stats Edit

Name Level Strength Intelligence Dexterity Vitality
Little Bugger Unknown ≥ 7 Unknown Unknown [75,98]

Trivia Edit

  • It is described as a ‘Little one’ by Ira and ‘Little Bugger’ by Lucia. It’s unknown if Lucia guessed his canon title or it became such once named, though the fact the text identifies him under this name seems to hint at the former option.
  • It threatens to call backup on Ira when she refuses to hand Lucia over, but doesn’t. it is unknown if this is because it was an empty threat or because  Lucia’s words made it too upset to think of doing so.
  • Since it’s faced prior to having any stats-reading member in the party, his stats remain unknown in canon, though based on their battle, its vitality must have been above 75 and below 98 points.
  • It is the first character to address Lucia by her title of Maid, despite it not having been known by the main characters or Observers at this point.
Lb attacks

Little Bugger attacks Lucia