Dream manipulation is the ability to harness the dream world as a canvas, and influence your will onto it as if painting art. There is no right or wrong way to manipulate dreams, much like there is no right or wrong way to create art. The dreamers are all capable of manipulating the dream world as their first glimpses of it is their ability to conjure companions -fragments of themselves- to accompany them. At later points in their conjuration's or realm attendant's progression they are able to get better at bending reality like this. Some dreamers have a knack for manipulation. While others have to spend much more time to cultivate their ability. An example of dream manipulation is seen within Derrick, as he is able to combine objects created in the dreamworld or pre-existing together to make something new.

When the dreamers will something to happen or utilize some of their unique skills, this is dream manipulation. Essentially, dream manipulation is the understanding that the world they venture through is a medium, and when desire is put in, change is returned. God tiers and previous God tiers are enlightened on this fact when risen and gain complete understanding of dream manipulation akin to the movie series "The matrix" the ability to bend reality in your favour. throughout the adventure the dreamers show small amounts of this ability while in less threatening situations, and large amounts when it becomes life or death. It is fully possible for a dreamer to achieve God tier level dream manipulation when extremely dire events take place, or briefly access veteran level skills in their class prematurely in order to protect loved ones or harm others. With dream manipulation if one thinks, they can do.

Dream manipulation quotes Edit

"DP: Next is reality manipulation. This is the ability to effect your environment to your advantage. You'd need a lot of mind power to change something significant, like create a basketball out of thin air, but if you give it some use, you'd be surprised at what you can do! <:"

- depravedPhantasm