“Holy crap! Look at all these weird giants!”

-  Lucia sights the docile grey giants.

First seen in the flash roaming through the Misty Marshes, the ‘docile grey giants’ seem to be a species rather than a specific, individual monster. 

GG as per the tales of the Abyss

Docile Grey Giants as seen in the Tales of the Abyss


They are first seen by Lucia while trying to find Zendo , and though not directly interacting with the characters, they are seen roaming through the background of the marshes in several instances

Personality and traitsEdit

Also known as 'gentle giants' they are extremely large creatures, towering over the mist and trees of the marshes, though not quite as tall as the mountains seen in the background. They don't look all that dissimilar to Ira , with the same semi-featureless bodies and round white eyes; though their skin is grey and their bodies much 'longer' than hers. In profile, somewhat more detailed features (nose, mouth) can be appreciated.

It’s revealed by the intrepidPioneer in a Q&A ' that they are very old people who died unnaturally through illness or accidents. Their will to live again is greatly decreased so they don't assault the guardians but they are very powerful, probably the most powerful non boss monsters in the story.

While they are not ignorant of the existence of the characters, they do not seem to care about their doings, and can be considered one of the few neutral monsters of the realms.








Docile Grey Giants







  • Ruu refers to them as 'Dull giants' and states they smell to her of honey dipped flowers and sweet rainbows
  • Some of the Docile Grey giants seem to have smiles (or possibly noses), and some of their eyes may glow.
  • Despite their size, the characters seem to be able to navigate relatively close ground without vibrations shaking them, though if this is because of their weight not being relative to their size, the unique properties of the misty marshes or simple dream logic remains unknown. However, being stepped on by them (as pointed by Medo ) is still a hazard, particularly as they don't seem to make much noise.


GG strollin'

Docile grey Giant roaming the marshes


Docile Grey Giants are seen by the first time


Lucia is tiny compared to a Gentle Grey Giant