Death in Lucidstuck is of course the most undesirable outcome the Dreamers have to avoid, but it is also key in ascending to Godhood.

Guardian death Edit

Guardian's are the leaders of their realms, though they may be dreaming they are not invincible. Monsters can attack the Guardians and kill them. When Guardian's die they pass deeper into the darkness to the next dream level; a blackout dream. The Guardian must then figure out that they are still dreaming and return to their body which has appeared before a hostile monster gets there first.

This can get a bit complicated and confusing, since people can fall into a blackout dream while in a blackout dream, but a few ways to wake up is either by facing death while being convinced the situation is not real, or by repeating the last thing they said before falling into the blackout dream.

Monster death Edit

Monsters fill the realms of the dream world aimlessly wandering about, either looking for a dreamer to possess or find their purpose. When monsters are killed, they leave their souls behind as they are wiped from existence. Monster death is irreversible as well as permanent.

Realm attendant/Conjuration death Edit

Realm attendants and Conjurations operate exactly the same when it comes to death. When they die they follow suit with guardians and pass deeper into the darkness to the next dream level, however they are unable to return on their own fully aware of the circumstances that brought them there. The Guardians may visit them on that level but must find a way to restore them free passage back the ground level.

Nightmare's Order member death Edit

When the members of Nightmare's Order die, they die exactly as monsters do. Because of this, they have to be taken care of and used more effectively to keep them alive though they are not necessary for success. They leave exquisite souls behind when they die.

Quotes on death Edit

  • "If we managed to bite the dust ourselves... Well it was nice knowin' ya kid. We won't die, but we'll be stuck on the levels above that until further notice." - Reggie
  • Everyone knows she doesn't like me, but I guess she figured I was "plotting" something and she tried to kill me. Because of her instability, she actually had the power to kill a guardian. Chalk it up to Dusk powers or whatever. - Daydream